What are the sportswear fabrics?

On one pieces of the clothing, the most important is the fabric. Then what are fabrics of the sportswear?

1. Coolmax fiber: It quickly evaporates sweat and is called a fiber with an advanced cooling system.

2. Lycra: Its anti-pull properties, smoothness after woven into clothes, close contact with the body, and great stretch are all ideal sports elements.

3. Pure cotton cloth: It has the advantages of sweat absorption, breathability, and quick-drying, but it is easy to wrinkle and has a bad drape feeling.

4. Knitted cotton: light and thin, good air permeability, good elasticity, easy to stretch, easy to fluff.

5. Velvet: It has more texture and strong luster, but has disadvantages such as weak air permeability and heavy weight.


When we choose the sportswear, based on the stype of sports wear we want, we need to pay attention to the fabric. Then we will get the suitable and comfortable clothing.


Post time: Jun-17-2021