The Sportswear Style

Generally, there are many styles of sportswear. In summer, there are short-sleeved leisure clothing, shorts sports wear, and short skirt leisure wear, which are similar to the tennis wear, which show the body and are very sporty.

There are long-sleeved sports wear in autumn and winter, as well as three-piece sports wear. Generally speaking, three-piece sportswear includes not only clothes, pants, but also a vest.

There are pullover sports wear and cardigan styles. It also incorporates a variety of design elements, such as stitching, hollowing, and color contrast, and a variety of patterns are available. There are also sportswear items, such as sweatshirts, sweat pants, sports pants, sports jackets, sports dresses, sports short skirts, sports one-step skirts, etc.

Divided by the collar type: round neck sportswear, hooded sportswear, stand-up collar sportswear, lapel sportswear, Polo collar sportswear, V-neck sportswear, etc.

According to applicable sports: track suit, ball wear, water wear, ice wear, weightlifting wear, wrestling wear, gym wear, mountaineering wear, fencing wear, yoga wear, etc.


Post time: Jun-17-2021