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The Process of Sublimation (Heat Transfer) Printing.

The Process of Sublimation (Heat Transfer) Printing.

The first step:the image printed on the special paper by color inkjet printer.

printing machine

Second step: put the printed special paper on one side,after 15 to 20 minutes,then we can start transfer. When put printed paper on the wear,the top of the image should be face down, and then according to the heat transfer equipment to adjust the transfer time (generally 20 seconds),then close the heating sheet of the equipment.

The third step: to avoid clothes to become yello,because the temperature is too high, we can put a piece of clothing between the pad lining and heat transfer. After the alarm of the heat transfer equipment, lifting the heating film, quickly open the pattern paper, remove the clothes, power off the device.

The fourth step: after the temperature of the clothes become cool, fold and put it in the bag.Then you have completed the production of heat transfer, making a finished product.

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Post time: Sep-15-2017
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