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The Introduction of Sublimation(Heat Transfer)Technology

The Introduction of Sublimation(Heat Transfer)Technology

Transfer is a printing method which refers to the intermediate carrier film graphic by corresponding to the pressure transferred to the substrate, and according to the pressure of different transfer can be divided into water transfer printing, heat transfer, gas transfer, screen printing, low temperature transfer, and so on. The heat transfer is the portrait, landscape and other arbitrary image using thermal transfer ink (i.e. dye sublimation ink) print in color ink jet paper (or dye sublimation special ink-jet printing paper), or ordinary ink to print in the film, thermal transfer paper, after heat transfer heating equipment in the few minutes heated to a certain temperature, the paper pattern vivid color transfer to porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton textiles material on a special printing techniques.

     Thus, using thermal transfer printing technology, even if it is a variety of color patterns, due to the thermal transfer operation just a process, so customers can shorten the printing pattern, reduce due to a printing error caused by the material (product) loss. In other words, using thermal transfer printing film can be the multicolor pattern a map, without the need for registration, even if only some simple equipment can also be printed out realistic patterns, in this way, can greatly improve the its scope of application and implement the transfer operation

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Post time: Sep-15-2017
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