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How to choose the right fitness clothes?

1.Avoid the heavy woven fabric 100% cotton clothes;

As for the 100% cotton clothes, it is looks beautiful when wearing.

But cotton absorbs water quickly and dry slowly. If you sweating easily, then the wet clothes will sticking you. Then it is easy to get cold, or get the dermatitis.

So as for the tops, the best choice is the kind of dry fit clothes, which can take away the sweating then the clothes will not stick your body, and it drys quickly.

2. Avoid the too much fat and loose clothes

Sometimes, in the gym, we can see some people wearing the hip hop clothes, extra big t-shirts and long pants. But we need to pay attention to that too loose clothes are easy to hook the device and causing unnecessary damage during exercising and moving.

Some tips about the wearing during exercise:

1).As for the bottoms, sports shorts, yoga pants, and yoga leggings are the best choices, which is good at breathable and will not limited the ranges of the activities.

2).Choosing the quick dry wear, loose or tight both are Ok.

During exercise, women should choose the fitness wear sports bra, it is not only could prevent the waistband pain, but also avoid the limited of the general bra.


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Post time: Oct-12-2017
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