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How to choose the right compression shirts?

Compression shirts often used in our daily life, say when we playing the basketball, soccer, football, running, exercising, fitness, etc. Then how to choose the right compression shirts, it is really a important problem.

  1. We need pay attention to the size, the right size compression shirts which could shape our body, and keep us from the hurts;
  2. The fabric is the important part. As for the fabric, which need to be stretchable, quick dry, moisture and wicking, which could keep us feel good.
  3. Last but not least, design. As for the design, we need to choose the one we like, and looks beautiful. As for the beautiful jersey, we will like to wear it, and when we wear it we could keep a good feeling.

Recently, we have made many wonderful compression shirts.

As for the size, this is no limited, we can make it just as your request, it is good to keep the shirts fits your body.

About the fabric, there are 88% spandex with 12% polyester, which is light weight, quick dry, stretchable, moisture and wicking, which could keep our body fits.

As for the design, there is no limited, we can make it just as your request. You just need to show me your opinions, then we will provide a good solution to you.

If you want to know more information, please contact me directly. We will try our best to assist you.

Email: cindy@custom-sports-wear.com

Tell/whatsapp: 86 15671363786


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Post time: Mar-21-2018
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