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about us Congratulations, you played yourself

Shenzhen Custom Sports Wear Co. Ltd. established in 2004, the main products including Ice Hockey Uniforms, Baseball Uniforms, American Football Uniforms, Wrestling Wear, MMA Shorts, Compression Wear, Rush Guard, etc. We trust you will be satisfied with the products we made and our service.

እርግጠኛ ጥራትና የማምረት አቅም ለማድረግ ከ 200 በላይ ሠራተኞች, 5 የምርት መስመሮች, 32 ዲዛይነሮች, 10QC, አሉ. እና የእኛ ዓመታዊ ውፅዓት 600,000 ቁርጥራጮች ይደርሳል.


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